Cornelian berries – Cornus Mas ( Thana – in Albanian) – Jam – In follow up to my post of 26 October 2013

You recall my post of 26 October – If not go and check a previous article on this with the same title.

Since I promised I was going to post the photos of this jam – here they are. Basically I clean the fruits and boil them in water. Take care to take out the white foam while boiling. You filter the juice and mash the fruits to take out the puree .  You boil it again with sugar. As I don’t like to use a lot of sugar to thicken the jam, I like adding a little bit of gelatine for jam . While boiling the jam I add half of table spoon of butter so that it doesn’t make a foam again, it also  provides a nice flavor . Enjoy and please feel free to ask for any further details.

26102013680 26102013682 26102013683 26102013684 26102013685 26102013686 26102013687 26102013688 26102013689 26102013690 26102013691 26102013692 29102013734 29102013735 29102013736


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