Tackling gender issues in Albania

My Friend Danielle Nesmith, PCV on Top Channel

Peace and Carrots

Last week I had the honor of being featured on Top Channel (a fairly reputable television station here in Albania) thanks to all of you who shared my blog with your friends and families. So seriously, a big thanks to each and every one of you.

The topic of the program was foreign women who live and work in Albania. Four of us were invited to participate in the panel to discuss the projects we do to make this country better and to articulate just why we love this place so much. Easier said than done. When they first asked me this question, you know, Danielle you write on your blog all the time about how much you love Albania…why?? I couldn’t help but think what a ridiculous question that was. Why do you love your left hand or your right foot? I don’t know, it’s just part of who…

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