Baggels home made

This is so nice for the family. They will all enjoy. Especially now in winter for a great warm breakfast or brunch when every one wakes up .

You need to make a normal bread dough ( any type of flower, white or mixed with yeast and water). Or if you have already some dough left in your freezer from another time.

Take or make the dough and let it rise in double. Separate in small parts as in the figure ( ball shape with hands)- Let it rinse again in double. Take each ball and with your palms make a stick and rotate it so that it form a ring. Let it rise in double again.

Preheat oven 150 degree Celsius. In a casserole you boil water and add either 2-3 coffee spoons of brown sugar, dark honey or molasses. It will give your bagels a shiny touch. Also add 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda.When the water boil take 2-3 bagels each time and place to boil for about 2 -3 min. You’ll notice as they will come into water surface easily and rises again. take a oven plain tray, spray with some oil, or butter or just place a baking sheet. Place bagels as you take them out carefully from the boiling water in the baking tray. When finished let them stand for 5-6 min more as they are warm but not very hot.  Bit on egg yolk with some water and coat with brush over the bagels.

They are ready now to go in the oven.

I like sprinkle them with sesame seeds ( white or black or both), or with dry garlic , or dry onions or some white feta cheese or a combinations of some of these. You can choose whatever you like ( dry rosemary for instance is great also).

Bake them as you seem relevant – each stove and oven has it’s own time despite the temperature. Mine takes between 15- 20 min to bake.

Tip – I prepare them one night before ( i.e. Saturday evening), boil them and let them stay overnight in tray. I try to wake up earlier than my family next morning and just brush them with egg and bake them so when family wakes up they are ready.

You can eat them plain or cut in half and fill it with whatever you like. Salty are better. Mine in the photo ( filling – egg omelet, ham and cheese)

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