Chicken Indian style ( my receipt)


Chicken thighs ( 4-5 pcs)


Fresh mint leaves


Butter ( 2 table spoons)

Olive Oil ( 2 tablespoons)

Red curry paste ( 1 coffee spoon)

Green curry paste (( 1 coffee spoon)

Curry powder (( 1 coffee spoon)

Ginger Powder ( 1 coffee spoon)

Lemon grass powder (( 1/ 2 coffee spoon)

Cumin  ( 1 coffee spoon)

Double cream (condensed milk) – 1 can ( 400 gr)

Tomato paste  ( 3 tablespoons)

Chicken broth ( powder)

Some salt ( try and add as you wish)

Thai or Basmati rice ( or long grain rice) – 150 gr per person


Take Chicken thighs and peel them off from the skin; Cut them in two pieces. Melt butter and olive oil in a casserole and place the chicken parts. Fry them lightly for about 5 min in both parts. Add all ingredients starting with powders, rotating the meat so that it takes all the spices, add garlic and curry paste and then milk and tomato paste, half of lime and mint leaves. Try for the salt and add as appropriate. Cook slowly until chicken is well done and the juice becomes creamy ( half of size).

Serve with plain rice.

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