Chickpeas in the oven with Osso Buco ( my receipt)

Osso buco – sliced veal knuckle or shin bone

That’s what I did for my family today ( while I have to finalize a report, respond to 3 emails for 2 ongoing contracts and washing dishes from last night and this morning) (:=)

Time: Prep 1 hrs – cooking 1.5. hrs

Take the meat parts and fry them in a pan ( 2 spoons of melted butter and two spoons of olive oil). Just fry them well on side and turn them on the other side. Don’t press the meat as it will take out the juices. Put some salt and back peper and a half of gralls of water and cover them for about 15 min.

Take two cans of chickpeas ( 400 gram each), take out the water and put them in a baking pot ( deep one like in my picture), put some salt, black peper, garlic  ( 2 pcs) and fresh herbs ( mint, parsley, dill, celery) and mix with a spoon.

Take out the meat from the pan and place it in the pot above the chickpeas.

Take 2 onions and slice them very thin and put them in the plan where we have the oil and juice from the meat, put one glass of water and leave them to cook slowly. Take a can of chopped and pealed tomatoes and pour 4 tablespoons of tomato juice over the onions, one pc garlic, a little salt and black peper. Simmer and cook for about 2-3 min more.

Put them over the meat in the pot.

Squeeze half of orange over. Since I had half of can of tomatoes, I cleaned the can by putting some water and pouring it over in the pot – otherwise you need half a glass of water.

One more spoon of olive oil and in the oven.

Enjoy – mine not yet from the oven ( I’ll post some photos latter)

On 21 October at 12:26 ( Tirana time)

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