Onion soup ( my receipt)

Winter is coming. I like my special onion soup which is healthy and great for winter time for all the family . Especially it heals you if you get cold with all the spices and onions it contains. I boil meat with bone before ( well done until bone separates easily from the meat).  Pressure cooker or normal casserole.  I chop in small parts the meat and filter the juice apart.

Cut onions in thin slices. Pour 2 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons butter in the casserole and throw the chopped onions  and the garlic and I fry them very slowly ( not burn) but kind of caramelizing.

Mix than the meat, spices and juice and wine ( all the rest of ingredients) and boil slowly for about 1.5 hrs. You can serve with toasted bread with some yellow cheese.


Ingredients:14102013586 14102013596 14102013587 14102013592 14102013593 14102013584 14102013585 14102013591 14102013594 14102013588 14102013590 14102013597 14102013598 14102013599 14102013601 14102013602 14102013604

Onion soup

3 white onions

3 red onions

1 bay leave

2-3 garlic cloves

Fresh grated ginger

2-3 Cloves

Black pepper

One coffee spoon red curry paste

One cup – red whine

Beef with bone (500 gr)  shoulder or neck part is better

A pinch of sugar



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